Fan Proposes in front of Celine Dion!

It’s not everyday that a celebrity meet and greet turns into a weddin proposal.  Last Friday couple Austin McMillan, and her boyfriend, Nick Janevski were in Las Vegas to meet Celine Dion befor her show. 

 McMillian tells ET that after the first photo was taken with the 48-year-old singer, Janevski “got down on one knee” and popped the question.

Austin posted on Instagram: “There are no words to describe this moment!” McMillian added in another photo caption. “What I thought was just going to be a special night seeing my favorite performer, turned out to be a night filled with so much happiness, surprise and celebration.”

What a great memory and hopefully Celine can attend the wedding (she did invite herself!)

Congratulations Guys!

What Type of Engagement Ring to Buy


What Type of Engagement Ring to Buy 

You’re all ready to pop the question but you’re wondering which type of engagement ring to buy? Don’t despair! The love of your life has probably dropped some hints here and there. So, if you’ve been paying close enough attention, you can trust yourself to make the right decision based on her personality and style.

Choice of precious metals

Engagement rings are available in a variety of precious metals. They could be made of platinum, which is considered a noble metal because it is remarkably resistant to corrosion. Engagement rings can also be made of silver. When it comes to gold, you can choose from yellow, rose, or white gold, or a combination of two tones of gold. 18 carat gold contains 75% gold, with the other 25% consisting of more durable metal alloys to add color and strength. White gold is created with white metal alloys and rose gold is created with the addition of copper. 18 carat yellow gold is highly regarded for its radiance and its warmer and brighter tone than 14 carat or 9 carat gold.

Diamond shape

Once you’ve settled on the precious metal of the ring, it’s time to make it shine with a sparkling diamond. A round cut diamond is always a popular choice because it has the most brilliance of all the shapes and is a timeless style. Other elegant and timeless diamond cuts include cushion, princess, oval, and emerald. A solitaire diamond engagement ring is a classic choice, but you can increase the ring’s impact by surrounding the central stone with a diamond halo or by choosing a diamond band. Canadian couples have the advantage of being able to opt for conflict-free Canadian diamonds that are extracted using to ethical environmental practices and equitable working conditions.

4C’s of a diamond

What are the 4C’s of a diamond? Good question! They are cut, color, clarity, and carat, but the most important is cut. Cut does not refer to the shape of a diamond, but to its finishing, dimensions, reflection of light, polishing, and symmetry. A diamond cut with just the right proportions will be more luminous than a poorly cut diamond. Even if a diamond has good color and clarity (2 of the 3 other C’s), a poor cut will diminish its brilliance. Look for a diamond with excellent or very good cut.

The most prized diamond color is transparent. As for clarity, it measures the grade of purity of a diamond. All diamonds have some impurities in them, but the most valuable have the least. Carat refers to a diamond’s weight and, because large diamonds are quite rare, the bigger the diamond, the greater the value.

Ring size

If you want to surprise her, but aren’t sure of her ring size, carefully and surreptitiously borrow one of her rings so you can bring it to the jewellery store when you’re shopping for the engagement ring.

What about the wedding rings?

No need to worry about the wedding rings for now. It’s best to go back to the jeweller about 3 months before the wedding date to choose your wedding bands. This time, you will absolutely be shopping together! 

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High Park and Toronto Waterfront Engagement Session

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Photograhy by Acorn Production Wedding Photography 

Winter Boho Bridal Shower in Kitchener, Ontario


What a great way to celebrate engagement season with this beautiful Winter Boho Wedding Shower, in Kitchener Ontario. The details, stationary, decor, and food stations are absolutely amazing and we are so happy to have the teams behind this event share it with us.

I think my favourite part about everything is quite simply that it’s a winter Bridal Shower. I think typically we think of spring or summer showers as the krux of weddings take place in the summer/fall… so it’s a nice change to have the winter wonderland backdrop. The Pine Valley Chalet offers so much to work with and really helps solidify the boho rustic theme of the day! I’m sure the bride was overjoyed by all the details and we wish the couple nothing but the best for their upcoming wedding!

267A3230-31 267A3235-34 267A3287-57 267A3301-62 267A3309-63 267A3312-64

267A3328-66 267A3338-Edit-133 267A3339-68 267A3358-74 267A3366-75267A3387-83267A3412-51267A3533-115267A3516-112267A3496-107267A3464-103267A3623-10267A3559-121267A3554-120267A3534-54

267A3950-2 267A4044-1

Photography: Jessica Imrie Photography // Venue & Food: Pine Valley Chalet (Located at Chicopee Tube Park) // Florals: Blume Flower Delivery // Stationary: Red Bicycle Paper Co. // Planning & Decor: Blue Veil Rustic & Vintage Rentals // Donuts: Debroniks Donuts 

Shabby Chic Pink & Sea Green Wedding at The Doctor’s House in Kleinburg, ON


We have a beautiful shabby chic pink and sea green wedding to you share with you today which took place at the Doctor’s House in Kleinburg, ON. Captured by Samantha of Samantha Ong Photography. This beautiful Pink and Sean Green wedding has so many amazing details the Aislynn and Ryan really thought of every aspect of their special day! And we hear that they are so sweet and down to earth. 

We are so in love with their choice of venue! The Doctor’s House in Kleinburg has such a sweet chapel that allows for intimate ceremonies. Aislynn and Ryan had their reception in The Heritage Room which was surrounded by a sea foam walls, beautiful wood framing and adorable fairy lighting. I loved how they coordinated their wedding decor with cute colours of pink, white and sea foam.

Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-3 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-4 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-5 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-9 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-13 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-29 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-27 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-31 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-38 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-39 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-40 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-42 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-46 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-50 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-51 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-56 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-58 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-60 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-62 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-70 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-76 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-77 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-102 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-109

Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-111 Aislynn-Ryan-Wedding-112

Photography: Samantha Ong Photography // Bridal Boutique: Elmwood Brides // Bridal Boutique: Kleinfeld Canada // Bridal Dress: Paloma Blanca // Cake Designer: Edible Delights // Ceremony Venue: The Doctor’s House // Favours: The Decadent Brittle // Florist: Blossoms of Burlington // Hair Stylist: Haartek Salon // Make-Up Artist: Suzanne Cyr // Shoes: Woodbridge Bridal Shoe Shop

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1 Year Wedding Anniversary Mini-Styled Shoot


Krystle and Brandon said I Do December 12th last year on their 5 year anniversary. Michelle from Michell A Photography  has known Krystle since they were teenagers and worked at Burger King together.  She wanted to plan a holiday themed mini styled shoot to celebrate their anniversary and also just to take some fun photos.
We love the floral crown that Krystal is wearing from Time 4 Flowers, and think the 1 year anniversary styled shoot should be a must for every couple! We think you’re on to something Michelle!

Enjoy the photos!


MichelleAPhoto_09 MichelleAPhoto_11 MichelleAPhoto_18 MichelleAPhoto_19 MichelleAPhoto_24 MichelleAPhoto_25 MichelleAPhoto_15 MichelleAPhoto_16 MichelleAPhoto_17