Yoho National Park, BC Engagement Session

We are so thrilled to share this breathtaking engagement session with you captured by the amazing Meghan Andrews Photography! Meghan tells us more about this beautiful shoot and how this American couple fell in love with our beautiful country!

Angel & Tim visited Canada for the first time from Texas, and they decided to have their engagement shoot here in the Rocky Mountains. I can see why they wanted to shoot here–BREATHTAKING is an understatement  for this part of the world! The couple finally decided on Yoho National Park in Field, BC.  

We started at the natural bridge which was hard to pull myself  away from there, as there’s so many fascinating offsets, small beaches and paths that you can explore all day long. After we finished up at the natural bridge, we had to do a few photos at Emerald Lake Lodge.  The ice is slowly starting to melt and you can start to see more turquoise clear water again which is just majestic. We did a few shots by the dock and on the boardwalk as well,  the staff had already laid out canoes as well which are fun to play with!

Angel & Tim are a super adorable couple and I’m sure they will have a fun wedding in Texas on April 28, 2018. Congrats you two!

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