Beautiful Farm Engagement Session in Woodlawn, ON


Apparently Spring is around the corner, and weather like we see in this engagement session is supposed to be here… but it’s not! It’s freezing and snowing! So we will just have to bask in the beautiful sunshine from this super sweet farm engagement session. It’s summer, it’s farm, it’s everything we love about engagement sessions! (and the backdrop is simply perfection).

Kurtis and Brittany are such lovely couple and with Kurtis being a soy bean farmer in Woodlawn, ON, just outside of Ottawa. Ashley Notley captured them perfectly.

Brittany&Kurtis_engagement_014 Brittany&Kurtis_engagement_018 Brittany&Kurtis_engagement_021 Brittany&Kurtis_engagement_025 Brittany&Kurtis_engagement_032 Brittany&Kurtis_engagement_035 Brittany&Kurtis_engagement_044 Brittany&Kurtis_engagement_057 Brittany&Kurtis_engagement_079 Brittany&Kurtis_engagement_085 Brittany&Kurtis_engagement_089 Brittany&Kurtis_engagement_093

Photographer: Ashley Notley Photography

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