Beautiful Garden Party Wedding

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Photography: HRM Photography
Ceremony Location – the grooms parent’s country property
Reception Location – same as the ceremony
Officiant – Willy Van Klooster
Cake – Joanne Brockmann Interiors & Events
Dress – Designer: Ivy & Aster
Dress Store: White, Toronto
Wedding Planner – Joanne Brockmann Interiors & Events
Flowers/Decorator – Patzees Floral Scapes
Hair: Sierra Desjardins from Eden Organic Salon
Makeup: Marli Medeiros
Caterer – Andrea Renner
DJ – Sarkany’s Stupendous Sounds, B.Sc., D.D.S., M.DJ
Late Night Snack – Veloce Italian Kitchen Pizza Truck
Shuttle Busses – A Universal Limousine

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