Black, White And Gold Toronto Wedding


We have such a treat for you on the blog today. This chic downtown Toronto wedding was black, white, and gold all over. Mix-and-match graphics layered in ultra-contrasting shades added a level of sophistication that was current, uniquely customized, and party-perfect. Guest dined on a luxurious menu of lobster, oysters, filet mignon, an over-the-top delicious cheese spread by The Cheese Boutique, and individually plated strawberry shortcakes with colour matched salted caramel french macaron.

Melissa Andre created a beautiful custom popsicle bar for a late-night surprise that served key-lime pie, chocolate peanutbutter, and mini egg frozen treats. Guests danced the night away in an expertly designed space, lounging on chic custom furniture, gold houndstooth, and floral runners made of rose hedges in diagonal striped shades of green and white. Each guest took home a gorgeous personalized porcelain black and white Mug with their personal initial on it.

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Photographer:  Mango Studios//Bakery:Bobette & Belle//Event Venue:Malaparte//Event Planner: Melissa Andre Events Inc.//Cinema and Video: Naz Films

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