Toronto Engagement Session


It’s been a while since we’ve published a fun and flirty engagement session. I’m so happy to share this fun Toronto Engagement Session with you captured by Samantha Ong Photography,

Here is the story of Craig and Leyna as told to us by Samantha: They met at church. Only seeing each other in passing every now,  but quickly became friends after their parents had introduced them. Their affection for one another grew over enjoyable nights of Korean BBQ and bubble tea/desserts.

Craig decided he would propose to Leyna one weekend on a trip to Toronto Island. Leyna quickly realized what Craig was up to as he grew nervous and was scouting for the perfect location to pop the question. He eventually found a quiet location on the beach, and of course – Leyna said yes!

Craig and Leyna are now incredibly busy with all the planning that is involved with their wedding next month but they found time for a day out to shoot their engagement photos. What is so amazing is that Craig helps out Leyna every weekend with all the details! What a great guy!

It was so easy to shoot this fun loving couple as they were so relaxed and just wanted to have a great time. You could just tell that Leyna was Craig’s whole world and I was so honoured to be able to capture their love for each other. We shot these photos at a couple of locations in Pickering as this is where both Leyna and Craig grew up and is also where they’re getting hitched!

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