In Sickness and In Health – Love Forever

I’m always so touched when couples share their wedding story with me to share on Champagne Sweets.  When wedding stories like this one come my way, I feel obliged to share it with everyone. I cry, I smile and I truly enjoy all that is love and happiness.  We are all so lucky to be here today. Everyone has a bad day, everyone has a good day. Some of us face challenges that will test us.  Nicole and John have been tested at a very young age and won. Here is there story:

Nicole & John have made it through their good time & bad and in sickness & in health already. They met at church as teenagers and were instantly attracted but Nicole was very shy – so all John got was her email address. Their love story started slow and was growing until Nicole got the devastating news at 16 yrs old that she had cancer. She was told she would not see her next birthday but Nicole is too strong for that – she beat cancer and John took her to her prom and then in time proposed.

These two are the sweetest couple and they light up in eachothers presence. They are truly made for eachother and I wish them a life time of love and happiness!

Beautiful and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing!


Photographer:  Still Moments Photography
Reception Venue:  Rankin Hall

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