Beautiful Black and White Wedding with Gold Details in Cobble Beach, Ontario



I am falling head over heels for this beautiful black and white wedding with gold details. It’s gorgeous, it’s sophisticated and fun! The couple, Kate and Luke, were high school sweethearts! (cute, right?).
The details of their wedding day are just perfect in every way! Their super talented photographers Trevor & Larissa captured their day flawlessly!
Here is more about the couple and their wedding day from Trevor & Larissa:
Kate & Luke are such a genuine, sweet couple – from the moment we met we were drawn to their excited outlook and couldn’t wait to hear more about their plans.  Well, as expected things came together flawlessly from the amazing attention to detail the romantic late-night lantern release.  It was a wedding filled with love and a sense of pure, sweet happiness.
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Photographer: Trevor & Larissa Photography  // Hair: Alicia Lumsden  // Make Up: By the bride! // Bride’s Dress:  ”Mathia” by Lee Ann Belter  purchased from The Bride’s Project  // Brides hairpiece and earrings: Jenny Packham // Brides veil: Lea Ann Belter  // Brides shoes: Michael Kors-heels Kate Spade-bow flats // Bridesmaid dresses: Jealous Bridesmaids  // Groomsmen suspenders: The Scotland Shop // Grooms suit: Hugo Boss  // Grooms custom cuff links: White Truffle  // Groomsmen suits: Mexx 
Florist: From the Potting Shed // Favours: Jam made by my mom. // Table Settings & Place Cards done by the Bride – candle sticks were family heirlooms, and a few extras were rented from Pieces of Love Vintage.  // DJ: Sundance 


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Beautiful Proposal Captured in the BC Mountains


It’s always so special to be a wedding blogger as I get to share so many special moments with all of you, my wonderful readers! Today is a pretty special post as we have this amazing proposal to share!  Photographed by Taylor Roades  and captured on video by Dwight and Evan of Wilhelm Wedding Films, it’s a pretty amazing moment to see and the dedication from both photographer and videographer is simply amazing!

Here is more about this amazing engagement shoot:

It took three boats, it took drift wood forts and unmanned cameras, it took a hidden microphone and a few hours lying close to the ground to capture Sarah and Jordan’s mountain wedding proposal.

Dwight and Evan of Wilhelm Wedding Films, and I headed into the interior early in the morning to set up, we hid our boat while Sarah and Jordan canoed around the lake near his family’s cabin outside of Pemberton British Columbia. Jordan had built Sarah a bench a week before with a unparalleled view. He created a place for the two of them. Together they started a fire and the three of us watched with cramped legs and dark clothing as Jordan ask Sarah to marry him.



mountain-wedding-proposal-0011mountain-wedding-proposal-0012mountain-wedding-proposal-0013mountain-wedding-proposal-0019mountain-wedding-proposal-0022 mountain-wedding-proposal-0023 mountain-wedding-proposal-0024mountain-wedding-proposal-0025 mountain-wedding-proposal-0026 mountain-wedding-proposal-0028mountain-wedding-proposal-0031 mountain-wedding-proposal-0034 mountain-wedding-proposal-0040 mountain-wedding-proposal-0042 mountain-wedding-proposal-0045 mountain-wedding-proposal-0046

For even more from this wonderful engagement, watch the video!

Jordan + Sarah – A BC Mountain Wedding Proposal from Wilhelm on Vimeo.