Tips for Your Wedding Photographer

Steve Gerrard Photography
There are so many things to think of when hiring your wedding photographer. And once you’ve hired one, it’s important to know what to ask for and what not to ask for.
Award Winning Wedding Photographer Steve Gerrard helps us with what we shouldn’t be asking our wedding photographer…..
1. Can we give you a shot list for our wedding day?
You should be booking your photographer because you trust them implicitly to capture your day in their own personal style. They will almost certainly ask you to give them a short list of family group shots you’d like on the day but giving them a long list of details will be more likely to make a photographer feel restricted and less creative. I’ve shot over 200 weddings. I know what details to look for. I’ll spend the entire day watching out for anything I feel is important and relevant to a couple’s story. I know I need to make photos of the cake, those shoes, the little table details you stayed up all night making. Having a list to follow will interrupt the natural flow that a photographer is used to on a wedding day. If there’s something you genuinely think they might miss it may be worth a quick mention but please avoid that long shot list and trust your photographer.
2. Can you check out my Pinterest board so you know the kind of photos I like?
As great as Pinterest is, it’s quickly becoming the bane of a wedding photographer’s existence too. There’s a growing habit of clients collecting images from around the internet and then hoping the photographer they’ve booked can replicate them. Instead, it’s best to research photographers thoroughly before you make a choice on who’s the best fit for your wedding. If you prefer traditional wedding photos, there are plenty of photographers who will deliver what you like. Prefer something more relaxed? More story-telling, less posing? You’ll find great photographers who do that brilliantly. Want photos a little quirkier? Spend time on Google and you’ll find some amazingly creative photographers making images which are very different from the norm. And when you find the photographer you love the most, book them and let them bring their own creative style to your wedding.
Would you go to a Springsteen concert and scream for him to play an Ed Sheeran song? Probably not. I think The Boss might be a little confused. So please don’t book a photographer and then ask them to mimic other photographers. Again, it comes down to trusting your photographer as much as choosing the right person to shoot the day for you. By all means let us see your Pinterest board to get a feel for the style of wedding you’re planning. We wanna know! But don’t ask us to recreate photos or significantly change our photographic style. And PLEASE don’t ask us to Photoshop in dinosaurs!
Steve Gerrard Photography
3. Can you visit the venue before the wedding?
It’s a common question but, personally, I don’t find many advantages to visiting a venue prior to a wedding. The weather, light and other factors will almost certainly be completely different from day to day. Usually it’s easy enough to scout out locations on the wedding day too. I photograph weddings all over the world so doing a pre-wedding visit is logistically inconvenient.
4. What kind of cameras do you use?
Do you love the photos you’ve seen on your photographer’s site? Are they consistent throughout their portfolio and on their blog? That’s what’s important. A great photographer can make stunning photos using any camera. An amazing, expensive camera can still take bad photographs in the hands of a bad photographer. Do you wanna know what guitar Springsteen used to make Born To Run?
Maybe check your photographer has back-up equipment in case of problems on the day. You wouldn’t want your photographer only bringing one camera to one of the most important days in your lifetime.
5. You can Photoshop out all my wrinkles right?
Errr…. we can but we don’t really want to spend hours making you look like a porcelain doll. I like to keep it real as much as possible but I also know how to use good light to help people look their best. A good make-up artist will help you look amazing on the day so trust them to do what they do best. And trust us to photograph you looking your best in beautiful light.
If you wake up on your wedding day with a he spot on your forehead, don’t panic. If it shows in the photos we’ll do you a favour and get rid of it. Just don’t ask us to Photoshop every photo to make you look like someone else entirely. Please!
6. Can we have all the photos you take on the day?
Nope. The photos we deliver to clients are the ones that we love, the ones we’re proud of and the pictures that tell the story the best. We’ll take out the ones where someone’s blinking, where we caught somebody with an unflattering expression or unnecessary duplicates. Sometimes we might try something creatively that doesn’t work how we anticipated. Maybe you sneezed just as we pressed the shutter. Trust me, you don’t want to see that photo!
You don’t need 15 photos of the confetti shot. You don’t need the images where we were checking our exposure in tricky lighting. There will often be a pinnacle moment and any photos taken either side of that moment will just be a poorer version of the best photograph.
We’ll select the best images from the day and bring those to life with our post-production techniques. We spend hours working on your photos so that they look their best. That’s part of what you booked us for. Occasionally I’ve been asked if I have any more photos of “the girl in the blue dress”. I’m happy to go back through and look for something you feel might be missing but, in over 200 weddings, I’ve only been asked to do that once or twice. Again, trust your chosen photographer to edit the images and deliver the photos that best represent your wedding.
We photographers love nothing more than when clients just tell us to do our thing. That freedom lets us be more creative and spontaneous. And as a result you’ll receive the best wedding photos.


Gorgeous Sapphire Engagements Rings by EidelPrecious

Screen shot 2015-01-15 at 7.51.25 PM

When a lotus flower meets the sunset….

Beautiful peach coloured sapphires and rose gold  are literally a perfect combination, put those together in an engagement ring, and you have an exquisite look that is both timeless and unique. Designer Eidel of EidelPrecious specializes in peach colour sapphires in rose gold diamond settings, which are stunning to say the least. The rings and her work speaks for itself.


With Delicate craftsmanship and unparalleled details, every single piece in the EidelPrecious collection is unique and . These beautiful rings not only stand out, they speak to a bride’s personality, her style, and most of all… they represent unquestionable love. EidelPrecious not only creates stunning rose gold settings, but white gold and platinum settings as well. Match your elegant EidelPrecious engagement right with a wedding band.   Made to order and custom orders can also be facilitated.



Canadian based, Eidel Precious ships from Canada (which is amazing for our Canadian couples – no duty or brokerage fees!!!) and they can even provide next day shipping if necessary.

Eidel Precious provides a 2 year warranty on every ring and rings can be purchased online.  


2nd Floor Events Hosts Second Annual Curated Wedding Expo


On Sunday, February 1 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Toronto’s turnkey private event space 2nd Floor Events (461 King St. W.) will host its second annual ‘Perfect for Gathering Here Today’ curated wedding expo event. Featuring a variety of local wedding-focused vendors, urban brides and grooms-to-be are invited to experience the stylish downtown wedding venue, 2nd Floor Events, and become acquainted with local florists, photographers, bakers, designers, DJs and more.

Entrance to ‘Perfect for Gathering Here Today’ is free – and guests have the option to pay what they can, with all the proceeds being donated to the Daily Food Bank.

The curated showcase will feature displays from florist Roadside Florist, event designerSusan Findlay, an interactive video booth by Slow Mo Bros, custom cocktail services fromBlue Blood Bartenders, photography by MK Photographics, sweet treats from Desmond and Beatrice, music from noted wedding DJ company Dialed in DJ’s and more.

2nd Floor Events will be sampling offerings from its new in-house catering program lead by executive chef Jeff Dueck, along with kosher cuisine from Applause Catering.

Opportunities to meet one-on-one with the events team at 2nd Floor Events will be available for couples to talk about their big day. The events team will offer tips and advice about finding and booking the right venue for their celebration.

Attending guests will receive gift bags and the chance to win door prizes from participating vendors. Door prizes can be won by sharing a photo from the event on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and tagging #GatheringHere and @2ndfloorevents. Winners will be announced during the week of February 2nd!

Hashtag:  #GatheringHere
Twitter:  @2ndfloorevents
Instagram:  @2ndfloorevents
Facebook:  2ndfloorevents

A Gorgeous Toronto Hunt Club Wedding

AD9A0011Alex and Cam came to their hometown – Toronto all the way from Calgary to celebrate with their families and childhood friends. They spend a lot their time outdoors and love adventures, and I think, Toronto Hunt Club was a perfect venue for them. Once you are there it is really hard to believe you are in the city! It’s such an elegant and airy space with tons of character, but at the same time it’s hard not to feel connected to nature once you are there. The day started with with cloudy skies and drizzle, but the skies opened up and the sun came out just in time for their ceremony. To highlight their personality, they used maps of the places they’ve  hiked to, as table numbers. Pastel colours of their cupcakes and lovely hues of purple in their roses added extra elegance to their decor.



AD9A0216 AD9A0223 AD9A0280 AD9A0335 AD9A0492 AD9A0831 AD9A8785 AD9A8975 AD9A9272 AD9A9295 AD9A9479 AD9A9732 IMG_0140 IMG_0329 IMG_0377 IMG_0529


Photography: Julia Park Photography // Florals: The Colour Field 

Custom Return Address Stamps – Special Offer & Contest!

stamp1 copy

I LOVE custom anything really, especially when it comes to stationary. Sarah from Sarah Types creates fantastic custom stamps, prints, invitations and gifts. “I absolutely love making these” says Sarah, and I can see why. Her gorgeous designs add that special touch!
Couples planning their wedding definitely send a lot of mail, and having a custom return address stamp is fun and practical!

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To Enter:
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Good Luck!

One of My Most Favourite Proposals of All Time!

Ok, so I heard about this story on CBC Montreal today, and I was blown away. I’ve heard of amazing proposals, but nothing quite like this. Yannick Martin secretly arranged to have a movie trailer he made play at a theatre while they were on a date… that movie trailer would ask his girlfriend to be his wife. I Know, RIGHT!?!?!

“I wanted to propose to Bérénice and I always dreamt of making it big,” said Martin from Blainville on Montreal’s North Shore.

“Bérénice loves animation so I decided that it would be really fun to go to the movies.”

Martin, who works in finance, got help to make the elaborate animated video and found one movie theatre in St-Eustache that agreed to play it.

“It happened exactly as I planned…I can’t believe how much attention it got.  I’m touched that so many people find it interesting. It’s inspiring,” he told CBC Radio One’s Homerun host Sue Smith.